The Holidays are for Potlucks

December 20, 2016 | By David Baker | 0 Comments

I haven’t really been anywhere fancy recently because I’ve been trying to be more frugal. (Thinking about quitting my job…shhhh! 😉 ) But the holidays are an amazing time to try some of your coworkers’ and friends’ culinary skills.

As we all well know, potlucks can be a hit or miss. Sometimes there are many dishes, people aren’t lazy and they actually make something from scratch. That delicious trifle recipe their grandmother has passed down into the generations or a cultural dish from an exotic land. Yummm!

I recently had a potluck for my coworkers, which besides my own cooking, was a complete success. How awful to fail at your own party? Oh well, I’ve had more embarrassing moments. I’ll list the dishes as they were:

  • puff pastry rolls with ham and cheese
  • caramel poped corn
  • Nanaimo bars
  • meat stew (that was my dish 🙁 )
  • Cut veggies with dip and tortilla without dip (what the heck??)
  • baked brie with walnuts and cranberries
  • potatoes with roast tomato chunks, fresh cilantro and spring onion (probably my highlight)
  • spinach and feta quiche

All were good, somewhat tasty but I realized none of my coworkers or myself are particularly good at cooking. The Nanimo bars were good but that’s probably because they were made by the girl’s mother-in-law who is a trained pastry chef. Jeeez can’t compete with that.

There was lots of wine, I made sure to buy a whole bag that hold four bottles. I also got some eggnog and delicious Cuban rum. Yeah, I know how to drink that sh**, thank you very much. 😛

Also invited one of my friends, who is a DJ for weddings in Vancouver, brought some rose and Cards Against Humanity. That game made the night but some people are just better than others at it. I certainly didn’t win, probably because of my shitty cards. I generally have an excellent sense of humour. 😉

It was hard getting up for work the next day since we stayed late but it was fun. I probably won’t do it again – potlucks are really too much effort. I really do prefer good restaurants and trained chefs!

Au revoir my dears!


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